Orchids of Cuenca Ecuador ©Susanna Starr

Orchids of Cuenca Ecuador

Welcome to Susanna’s blog: Seventy and Beyond. In the coming days we will see the emergence of the first small seed of my new book, Seventy and Beyond; from Doing to Being. The seed has been incubating for a long time. Although I’ve received lots of encouragement, it seemed that the right time never presented itself. I had to confront my own questions as to why I felt this book needed to be born. So, as I suspected, the intervening years were not an arid field, but simply one lying fallow. It just required patience to recognize when it was ready to push the first young blades through the earth, see the infant shoots emerge. There were several ideas after the publishing of Fifty and Beyond; New Beginnings in Health and Well-Being. That book came about because of my strong feelings on a topic that I, personally, needed to address. I hope it provided the intended insight for a few others. But in spite of the seemingly valid ideas for a new book, and in spite of the interviews that I conducted, it failed to take root. I felt I had nothing I really wanted to say. It’s years later and the difference between fifty and beyond and seventy and beyond has become meaningful. I’m excited about writing about this time of my life and hope others will relate to it in the way that it’s intended. This is another threshold to cross and obviously one that, if we’re lucky, will have to face. So let’s celebrate this last stage of our lives and face it, like aged mellow wine, with appreciation.